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Freerunner was formed in 2009 and has rapidly become one of the largest providers of WiFi for retail in the UK.

The Freerunner WiFi service is low cost to you and free of charge to your customers.

Our proposition to customers is simple; fast, free, reliable wireless broadband! We are a purely consumer-focused company. The user experience is as straightforward as the proposition. Attach to our network, register, and login, then simply enjoy the Internet.

Recent success has seen Freerunner expand their network to over 500 sites, of which over 50 are represented by multi-point shopping centre networks where tens of thousands of customers touch our brand every day without ever knowing it.

Keeping our simple philosophy front of mind, recent developments to our product portfolio have seen the introduction of PIP analytics (People in Places) offering presence and footfall analytics without the need for additional hardware installation or cost.

Through the use of new and innovative real time key performance indicators, PIP can help you understand, target and track your advertising, direct marketing and promotional activities for short term optimisation. With PIP’s advanced analysis, vacancies can be filled that will lift overall performance, rent reviews can be optimized and capital planning made efficient.

Our latest product offering simplifies the introduction of Beacon Technology for retailers providing, a management portal, real time push marketing and analytics under one simple umbrella interface.

The use of our generic App for retailers means they can be up and running and communicating with customers in a matter of days.

Freerunner Net Ltd

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