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Freerunner provides WiFi to a wide range of public venues, including coffee shops, car showrooms, book and entertainment stores, public houses, football clubs, hotels and many other venue-types.

For all our customers WiFi means something different. For some it’s a way to attract new customers, for others it’s a way to keep customers longer. Some use WiFi to “demo” devices and products. Some use it to communicate to their customers, to serve up offers, promotions and news, or to understand who visits them and why. Some have embraced new value added services which Freerunner has developed for WiFi, such as monitoring how much energy is being used in different parts of the venue.

Our job is to understand why WiFi is important to your venue, and build you a solution that works for your business and delights your customers.

We are a proud and active partner in public sector and community WiFi initiatives such as Race Online 2012, the Government’s campaign for digital inclusion.

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